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Amali's unique corkage policy has been recognized by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Eater, and the New York Times.

Amali waives the corkage fee for bottles of wine that are rare, unique or exceptional in quality.  Qualifying wines must not be readily available in the tri-state area.  We also ask for a glass of wine for our sommelier and team to taste.

Examples of wines that fit this policy would include: a 1964 Bartolo Mascarello that you've been keeping for a special moment, a celebratory bottle of Champagne from a loved one's birth year, or a small-production wine picked up in France that doesn't get imported into the states.  

Cost of the wine is irrelevant, but rarity and uniqueness count.

If you feel that you have a bottle of wine that qualifies for this distinction, please email all relevant details to at least 24 hours before your reservation time.  

All wine that qualifies for waived corkage must be approved in advance via email; simply bringing in a bottle of wine does not guarantee a waived corkage fee.

If the wine does not meet these requirements, our corkage fee otherwise is $55 per bottle.

Our Team